10 Key Considerations for Your Fabulous Charleston Wedding

10 Key Considerations for Your Fabulous Charleston Wedding

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Charleston is a wedding destination extraordinaire. Combine great weather year-round with beautiful scenery, historic buildings and a sophisticated hospitality industry, and then top it off with a destination that’s easy to get to and appealing to your guests. No wonder thousands of couple descend on the Holy City for their dream wedding.

Local wedding planners are renowned as some of the best in the country and their services get booked a year in advance. So if you want to enter into conjugal bliss with your true love in the #1 city in the world, these are the steps our local experts recommend:

  1. Start with a budget – Every decision you make is dependent on this one, so make it first. This will help your wedding planner determine what she can and can’t do for you.
  2. Hire a local wedding planner – Take the headaches and stress of an ordinary wedding and then consider that you’re not on site to organize it. Your special day needs the TLC of a trained professional who knows all the logistics and can add that special touch. Charleston is replete with great wedding planners.
  3. Book way in advance – Because Charleston has surpassed Las Vegas as the nation’s wedding destination, venues and vendors get booked quickly. Wedding planners say their business used to slow during the summer, but now most venues are reserved year-round.
  4. Be flexible – Unless you’re willing to wait two years, don’t get stuck on a time of year or a particular venue. The popular places fill up fast, and with so many weddings there are many popular places.
  5. Consider a Friday – if everyone is traveling to your destination anyway, you might as well choose a day when venues may be more available and vendors a little less expensive
  6. Book in advance your wedding dinner – People come to Charleston, in part, to eat, so restaurants fill up. To accommodate a large party, like your wedding party, you’ll need to give the restaurant some lead time.
  7. Choose an historic site for the wedding – Charleston is called the Hoy City because of the plethora of churches in the city, nearly all of which are historic in one way or another. Add to that the historic synagogues, the many beautiful wedding chapels, and the surfeit of historic houses that provide a spectacular backdrop for your vows. And if you prefer a more casual locale, there’s always the beach.
  8. Choose a great site for the reception – Whether it’s the sun and surf of a beach, a pre-Revolutionary War house, a 200-year-old plantation with marsh views or a luxurious hotel, you can’t go wrong with your Charleston wedding. There are hundreds of sites in the Lowcountry that will inspire you and awe your guests.
  9. Have a backup plan for weather – Charleston’s been in the news lately for hurricanes, epic flooding and even an ice storm in the winter of 2015. Preparing for weather challenges in advance can prevent despair on your big day.
  10. Plan time for guests to visit the area – there’s so much to do and see in Charleston; make sure your guests experience this amazing place before and/or after your wedding. Book them on a carriage ride or harbor cruise to learn about the area; take them to a plantation and visit the City Market. Whatever you do, don’t let them visit without seeing the world’s #1 travel destination.
  11. Consider a harbor cruise for your wedding and reception. Make your wedding unique and memorable aboard the Carolina Belle. The operative word will be “Wow.”
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