10 More Things Locals Know About Charleston

10 More Things Locals Know About Charleston

When you visit Charleston, you see a beautiful, historic Southern city whose culinary scene is nonpareil. Local residents know that beneath the surface, we’re more multi-layered, and more interesting, than that. Here is a peek behind Charleston’s curtain.

1. We think rain is snow – You know how the folks in your town drive when it snows? They slow down to four miles-an-hour and cling to the wheel with white knuckles? That’s how we drive here in the rain. The people in front of you aren’t purposely annoying you; they just don’t know how to drive when it’s raining.

dolphins in charleston harbor2. Dolphins! – If you gaze out into the rivers or the harbor long enough, you’ll eventually see them. From about March to October bottlenose dolphins are either coming, going or hanging around. They travel in groups so you’ll usually see bunches of them surfacing for air.

3. “Y’all” is singular – “All y’all” is plural. Get it right, y’all.

4. We love when you visit…and then when you go home – Charleston has grown dramatically in recent years and it’s straining our resources. We’re starting to see big city traffic problems and hotels are crowding out residents downtown. We’re worried that our special way of life down here is being threatened. So visit as much as you like and retire to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head.

5. Our everyday sunsets are spectacular – Yup, it’s like this every night.

6. We “get away from it all” in Asheville – When you live on the beach, the mountains beckon. Asheville, N.C. is the closest tourist city with great restaurants in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Plus, their funky, Bohemian style is a nice contrast to our dignified, cultured atmosphere.

charleston walking tours7. Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes – What makes Charleston such a great place to visit – besides everything! – is that you can walk pretty much everywhere on the peninsula and see something beautiful. So make sure your feet are cozy because you’ll be putting them to work.

8. We elect great mayors – Joe Riley served Charleston for 40 years and is widely considered one of America’s great municipal leaders. It’s pretty hard not to like his successor, John Tecklenburg, who has a kind word for everyone, solves problems with dialogue and plays the piano at local events around town.

9. We don’t sound like Hee-Haw – That stereotypical Southern accent? You won’t find much of it in the Charleston metro. We’re too cosmopolitan and too many of our neighbors are transplants. If you want to hear people who sound like Gone With the Wind, head to the interior of South Carolina.

10. We’ve been named the #1 city in the world – Oh, you heard? Well, we just like to remind everyone.

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