5 Reasons You Should Experience the 4th of July on Charleston’s Harbor

5 Reasons You Should Experience the 4th of July on Charleston’s Harbor

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For every given weekend there are always dozens of various events and / or festivals to take part in while visiting Charleston, especially during the Fourth of July. So why experience the Fourth of July on Charleston harbor when there are so many other things to do? For plenty of excellent reasons, but here are just 5 of our top reasons why you should celebrate July 4th with Charleston Harbor Tours:

Stay clear of the traffic and huge crowds: Do you hate fighting the crowds, finding parking, waiting on long lines for food and beverages, standing on top of chairs to get the best views, and having to walk three miles to an event due to huge crowds? Well there is absolutely none of that when you take one of our three Charleston Harbor Tours’ Fourth of July cruises. With designated parking areas (close to the boats), a set amount of seating, properly staffed bar areas, and panoramic views of Charleston, there’s no fighting huge crowds and sitting through heavy traffic. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Choose from a variety of different Charleston Harbor Tour events to suite your preferences: Charleston Harbor Tours is offering three different cruises to suite all types of needs during the Fourth of July. These tours include:

The Firefly Fireworks Cruise on The Carolina Queen, The Blues & BBQ Cruise and Fireworks aboard The Carolina Belle, and the Sunset Sail and Fireworks aboard The Schooner Pride. Each of these cruises offers a completely different experience from the next.

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Get VIP views of the fireworks bursting over the water: Everyone on board has front seat views of the harbor and fireworks show. No one has to compromise their views for others, as there is plenty of space on board.

Gain a unique perspective on Charleston’s historic sites: Charleston harbor is lined with historical monuments that add the perfect backdrop to one of the southeast’s best firework displays! Not to mention, Charleston’s harbor is home to one of the most patriotic sites in the country, the USS Yorktown (the tenth aircraft carrier to operate in the United States Navy, serving in both World War II and Vietnam). How amazing would it be to have photographs of fireworks bursting over the USS Yorktown? You’ll also be able to witness the fireworks display above the Ravenel Bridge and Fort Sumter.

Enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in an outdoor setting on the water: Charleston is limited in terms of how many restaurants have waterfront views. In fact, there are only a handful of harbor-view restaurants, making it difficult to enjoy a beverage on the water (especially alcoholic beverages, as it is illegal to have an open container outside the property of a restaurant or bar facility in Charleston). Charleston Harbor Tours makes it easy to enjoy any type of beverage on the water as we have fully stocked bars on all of our vessels (Note: The Carolina Belle and Carolina Queen sell liquor, beer, and wine, while The Schooner Pride only sells beer and wine). You can walk wherever you’d like with a drink in hand as you move throughout the boat to find the best view of the harbor.

 Events sell out quickly, so purchase your tickets today for any of the Charleston Harbor Tours Fourth of July Cruises. To purchase tickets, call the Charleston Harbor Tours office at 843.722.1112 or click here.

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