5 Ways to Explore the Great Outdoors of the Charleston Area

5 Ways to Explore the Great Outdoors of the Charleston Area

Charleston toursIn addition to its rich culture, spectacular architecture, and sensational restaurants and attractions, Charleston is also celebrated around the world for its fascinating wildlife and breathtaking natural spaces.

Below are 5 ways to explore the great outdoors of the Charleston area with the Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission:

1. Alligator Adventures: To many of us, alligators are some of the most frightening and mystical creatures in the world, and rightly so. They’re prehistoric, have menacing teeth, and are huge and powerful. Yet, we are still super curious about them!

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about alligators and witness them (safely) in the wild, you definitely want to check out the Charleston County Parks’ Alligator Adventure tours. During these Charleston tours, you’ll embark on a group tour with an expert guide where you’ll search for gators and learn about the common myths and truth behind gators.

2. Beachwalker Bird Walks: From piping plovers to shore birds, and birds of prey to common bird species, Kiawah Island is a nesting ground for a wide variety of spectacular birds.

During a Beachwalker Bird Walk with the Charleston County Parks, you’ll enjoy a 2-mile hike along the beautiful beaches of Kiawah with an expert birder as he or she points out bird songs and bird spottings and discusses the species that you witness in detail.

Some of the Lowcountry bird species you might witness during this hike include the bald eagle, osprey, red-tailed hawk, brown pelican, the great blue heron, American oystercatchers, Wilson’s Plovers, and more.

3. Heritage to Habitat Canoe Tour at Caw Caw: Enjoy a guided canoe tour in Caw Caw as you feed herons and other water fowl, soak in the beautiful sights of the Caw Caw area and learn about the history of the land and the Carolina Gold Rice culture from an expert guide and historian.

During this tour you will not only learn about the history and the culture of the area, but the knowledgeable guides will also share information on the residential plant life, bird life, and wildlife.

4. Nocturnal Noisemakers: If you’ve ever camped out or live amongst nature in the Lowcountry, then I’m sure you’ve heard the whistling critters of the night. But what if you could explore those sounds with an expert guide and learn about what you’re actually hearing?

On a Nocturnal Noisemakers excursion with the Charleston County Parks Commission, you’ll listen and look for a variety of nocturnal creatures, including frogs, owls, gators, insects, and more.

5. Sensational Seining: Curious to learn more about the critters lurking along the shores of Charleston’s islands? If so, join the Charleston County Parks Commission for an exciting adventure along the shores of Sullivan’s Island, where they’ll cast their nets into the ocean to find all sorts of marine life.

During this interactive look at marine life, a guide will explain the animals he / she has caught in the net and let you observe them at close proximity before releasing them back into the wild. Some of the marine life you might witness in the net include kingfish, stingrays, crabs, anchovy, needlefish, puffer fish, and more!

Click here to view the schedule of Charleston County Parks events, or call them at 843-795-4386.

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