5 Ways to Stay Active in Charleston

5 Ways to Stay Active in Charleston

ravenel bridgeOn any given day you can find hundreds of people in Charleston breaking a little sweat. In fact, it’s safe to say that Charleston is one of the most active cities in America! Perhaps there is something in the air or the water, but whether it’s rain or shine, Charlestonians keep their minds and bodies fit year-round.

So, if you’re visiting Charleston or live here and can’t seem to think of any fun ways to stay active, here are just a few:

1. Walk or run the Ravenel Bridge: If you’re looking for a place to clear your mind as you soak in the beauty of Charleston on foot, then you’ll definitely want to try walking or running on the pedestrian walkway on the Ravenel Bridge.

The walkway is open to the public and has a small barrier that separates it from the vehicular traffic. Up here, you can feel the powerful breezes of Charleston harbor and soak in panoramic views of Charleston. As you walk above the harbor, you’ll see downtown Charleston on one end, Mount Pleasant on the other, and you’ll also be able to see Castle Pinkney and Fort Sumter from the bridge.

The walkway is slightly less than three-miles in length and offers a small challenge in terms of its incline.

There is free parking at the base of the bridge

2. Bike on Sullivan’s Island: From the beach to the quaint back roads, Sullivan’s Island is the ideal location for a leisurely bike ride. During your biking excursion, you can stop at Fort Moultrie, which is situated along a beach, visit the Edgar Allan Poe Library, or enjoy some tasty lunch at one of the island’s acclaimed restaurants and eateries, including Poe’s Tavern, Home Team BBQ, Taco Mamacita, Station 22, and more.

3. Paddleboard or kayak in Shem Creek: Nature Adventurers Outfitters on Shem Creek offers a wide selection of water-based rental equipment, including paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. Because Shem Creek and its surrounding channels are calm and protected by the harbor, paddleboard and kayak renters enjoy smooth waters.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with paddleboarding, it’s become a huge hit in Charleston! Essentially, a paddleboard is a long, wide surfboard that you stand on. You then propel yourself forward using a single paddle. This exercise is great for your arms, back, and core!

4. Golf at Patriot’s Point: Golf might not be the most rigorous workout, but it’s a great way to soak up some vitamin D, loosen up your back, and take some nice walks.  Patriots Point is a fantastic place to golf as it overlooks the beautiful Charleston harbor.

5. Do a walking tour of downtown Charleston: There are a wide variety of educational and exciting downtown Charleston walking tours to choose from, during both day and night. Some of our favorites include Charleston Pirate Tours, Charleston History Tours, and Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tours with Bulldog Tours.

Each of the tours mentioned above provides guests with a unique look at Charleston’s fascinating history. Charleston Pirate Tours, for example, is led by Eric Lavender and his trusty sidekick, Captain Bob (a colorful, live macaw) and takes guests through Charleston’s historic waterfront area, immersing them into an intricate story that is filled with historical pirate facts and history about Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and more. Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tours, on the other hand, bring you up close to some of Charleston’s most haunted places, including the old jail and graveyards.

And then there is Charleston History Tours. Sort of like a photography and history tour in one, Charleston History Tours are led by professional photographer, Joyce, who introduces guests to Charleston rich history while providing tips on how to photograph some of Charleston’s most historically significant architecture and landmarks.

What is your favorite way to stay active in Charleston? Tell us in our comments section!

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