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9 of the Charleston Area’s Coolest Streets

9 of the Charleston Area’s Coolest Streets

An historic city built at eye level is bound to have some amazing streetscapes. Whether it’s the buildings that adorn it, the views that emanate from it, the activities that take place on it or just the street itself, there are dozens of grand avenues and alleyways to meander down in America’s most historic city.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. 83-107 East Bay Street. Better known as Rainbow Row, it has the harbor on one side, eye-catching multi-colored houses on the other and nary a car in between.
  2. Ponsbury Road, I’On neighborhood, Mt. Pleasant (pictured here). ponsbury-rdA fabulous New Urbanist community boasts many walking lanes featuring houses that open up right onto the sidewalk for maximum human interaction. Ponsbury Road runs alongside East Lake on one side and inviting houses on the other.
  3. Chalmers Street, between Meeting & State Streets (pictured up top) just north of Broad. A great example of an old cobblestone street from the days when ships dumped their ballast to take on cargo in the Port of Charleston. The bricks that comprised that ballast was then re-purposed as paving stones.
  4. East Montague St., North Charleston. The quintessential small town main street with gaslight lamps and small shops in the heart of Old North Charleston.
  5. Maybank Highway, Johns Island – A magnificent road that runs beneath a canopy of massive live oaks draped with Spanish Moss. It’s as Lowcountry as you can get.
  6. The intersection of Murray Blvd. and East Bay St. Also known as The Battery, where the entire Charleston Harbor is on view. With your back to lovely White Point Gardens, you can see Fort Sumter, Castle Pinkney, the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, and, if you look closely and get lucky, a cavorting dolphin.
  7. The path behind 4 Archdale Street. That’s the Unitarian Church graveyard. The graveyard is peaceful and largely king-stoverrun by the trees and plants that grow unabated, so that during the spring this resting place of the long deceased bursts riotously and rather incongruously to life.
  8. Middle King Street. The shopping mecca (pictured here), in the conversation with Fifth Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in L.A., Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Young St. in Toronto and Newbury St. in Boston.
  9. Church Street, between Water and Battery. Another cobblestone throwback street dotted with historic houses and one magnificent church.
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