A First Timer’s Guide to Downtown Charleston

A First Timer’s Guide to Downtown Charleston

People travel from all over the world to visit Charleston’s rich historical streets and explore what the Lowcountry has to offer. If you are a first time visitor, there are a ton of fun-filled of activities to fill your days with Charlestonian activities. From getting on the water to a relaxing carriage ride, here’s a first timer’s guide to Charleston, South Carolina!


Downtown Charleston is the best spot for shopping. With every shop within reach, from Gucci to H&M, downtown is the perfect place to have some retail therapy. Another highlight to shopping downtown is the lively Charleston City Market. You can walk down the hall of the market and shop local artisan vendors, grab a refreshing hand-squeezed lemonade, and end up within eyesight of the Atlantic ocean!


While there are many historical tour options, many of them require you to walk around Charleston’s (sometimes) crowded streets. With the option to hop on a carriage tour, seeing Charleston’s history has never been so all-encompassing! Palmetto Carriage Works offers both public and private carriage rides around the five historic districts of downtown Charleston.

Along with these types of tours, there are other immersive ways to learn about Charleston’s history. Adventure Sightseeing is a local company that takes these tours to the next level by incorporating historical mansions, plantations, and winery tours to the mix! They even offer round-trip transportation options and combination harbor tours.


Being so close to the Atlantic means that Charleston is keen to outdoor adventure and sightseeing. Seeing the sights from the edge of a sailboat is a trademark of Charleston culture. Sunset sails and Harbor History Tours are a great way to get out on the water to experience nature and see the historic architecture from the sea.

The iconic scenery in this town highlights it’s historical significance and ecological vibrance. You can find a combination of both at the Charleston Waterfront Park (home of the iconic pineapple fountain), which is only a short walk from the City Market.

There’s so much to do in downtown Charleston, from visiting the City Market to getting out on the water! By following this guide, you will find friendly people coupled with an immersive, unforgettable experience. Downtown Charleston’s charm and history undoubtedly bring people here, but it’s the lifestyle that makes them want to stay.

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