Behind the Scenes of the Charleston Murder Mystery Cruise

Behind the Scenes of the Charleston Murder Mystery Cruise

murder mystery cruiseIf you’ve been dying to know (no pun intended) the actors behind the characters aboard the Charleston Harbor Tours murder mystery cruise, then you’re in luck! We just interviewed some of the talented actors who bring a murder mystery to life aboard The Carolina Queen paddle boat every Wednesday night, and are thrilled to share the interview with you.

See below for interviews with Caroline Boegel, costume designer and actor, and actor, Brian Turner:

Interview with Actor & Costume Designer, Caroline Boegel:

Murder Mystery Cruise Costume Designer

Murder Mystery Cruise Character: Savannah Middleton

1. When did you first fall in love with “show business?”

I grew up listening to Rodgers and Hammerstein—“Oklahoma!,” “The Sound of Music,” and all of those standards. Then, I saw my first Broadway show when I was about 10 years old—my parents took me to see “Phantom of the Opera,” and after that all I wanted to do was put on my own show!

I was really lucky to have teachers who encouraged me to try my hand at all aspects of theater, including singing, dancing, costuming, hair and makeup, props, and a little bit of set design here and there! It’s all come in handy for our murder mystery cruise!

2. You’re the costume designer for the Charleston Harbor Tours’ Murder Mystery Cruise spectacle. Tell us about your vision for the costumes and what you did to achieve the appropriate look and feel.

Well, one thing that we really wanted to do was get the audience involved as much as possible, including getting dressed up. We knew that the 1920s was an era that everyone recognized and would be able to create a costume for (or at least grab a feather boa!). We wanted an era that was glamorous and fun, and the costume design helps us set the scene as soon as people board the boat.

3. What other shows have you been a costume designer for and which of those was your favorite and why?

I think I’ve lost count at this point! I’ve done everything from two-person plays to musicals with 60 cast members and lots of costume changes! My all time favorite was “Seussical the Musical”—it’s based on Dr. Seuss stories, so we had elephants, giraffes, Who’s, the Grinch, etc. It was such a great opportunity to create lots of colorful, whimsical costumes.

I also really enjoyed costuming “The Importance of Being Earnest,” here in Charleston recently—I’ve always felt like one of those people who belonged in a different era, and the Victorian costumes, hats, gloves, and parasols were a blast to put together, and to wear!

murder mystery cruise

Caroline Boegel as Savannah Middleton on the Murder Mystery Cruise

4. In addition to being the costume designer for the Murder Mystery Cruise, you also play Savannah Middleton in the show. Tell us about this role and how you prepared for it.

Well, I initially expected Savannah to be that stereotypical southern belle—sweet, innocent, and vulnerable. But of course, as the show evolved that type of character isn’t going to survive in a 1920s speakeasy filled with bootleggers and madams! So, Savannah became more flamboyant—she’s a bit of a siren now. She has a shady past, but “pretends” to be that fragile southern belle. When an unexpected murder takes place and chaos ensues, her true colors are revealed!

Charleston murder mystery cruise

Caroline Boegel as Gwendolyn in "The Importance of Being Earnest," where she acted and designed all the costumes

Interview with Actor, Brian Turner:

Murder Mystery Cruise Character: Senator Ezra Drayton

1. When did you first fall in love with acting and what was your very first role?

That hasn’t happened yet. My first role was Henry David Thoreau in “Louisa May: The Musical.”

2. What do you love most about playing Senator Ezra Drayton aboard the Murder Mystery Cruise?

The joy of playing Senator Ezra Drayton comes from his inability to censor himself. He’s got an unflappably sweet temperament but is prone to saying really inappropriate things. His political views, too, are set in stone, and, while I don’t personally admire them, I’m always impressed by that sort of conviction in anyone.

murder mystery cruise charleston

Actor, Brian Turner

3. What is your favorite type of role to play and why?

I’m always looking for roles that puzzle me, personally. I want to be confused by a character’s motivation and what makes him tick. It’s in characters that are least like me that I tend to find the greatest challenges and most satisfying rewards.

For more information on the Charleston murder mystery cruise aboard The Carolina Queen, or to purchase tickets, click here

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s blog post where we’ll showcase two more interviews with the Charleston Harbor Tours’ Murder Mystery Cruise actors!

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