Charleston’s Best Spots for Dolphin Sightings

Charleston’s Best Spots for Dolphin Sightings

Dolphins are some of the most interesting and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. Found all along the South Carolina coast, dolphins are easy to spot around Charleston’s water as they make their way up and down our beautiful coastline. And even though dolphins are common on the Lowcountry coast, some places offer better sightings than others. Below are some of the best spots in Charleston for dolphin sightings.

The Charleston Harbor

The best place to watch for dolphins is in the Charleston Harbor where these amazing animals are constantly going in and out. Onboard the Schooner Pride and the Carolina Queen or Belle, dolphin sightings are almost a given. Watch for dolphins and pelicans nose-diving as you enjoy a fully narrated, 90-minute tour of the harbor. Click here to learn more.

Kiawah Island

Even though these animals can be found anywhere, dolphins on places like Kiawah Island have an amazing hunting technique that can only be found here in the Lowcountry. Dolphins strand themselves to push fish onto the shore, making it easier to catch their meal. It is something you must see in person, and you can watch from the shore on Kiawah.

The Battery

Walk down to the historic Battery to search for dolphins as you walk along the seawall. Dolphins often make their way in and out of the river, passing historic Fort Sumter in the distance. When you’ve gotten your share of the water views, walk into White Point Garden and enjoy the shade under the oak trees.

Folly Beach

Enjoy the surf and watch for dolphins as you lie in the sand. Dolphins often pass by the beach and it is easy to see their dorsal fins off in the distance as they hunt and play. Look for other wildlife too like crabs, seagulls, pelicans, and even sharks.

Even though dolphin watching from the shore is fun, nothing beats seeing them up close in the water. Sit back and relax on one of our Charleston Harbor Tours today to see these beautiful animals!

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