DIY Holiday Card with a Charleston Twist

DIY Holiday Card with a Charleston Twist

Who doesn’t love handmade cards in the mail and personalized wrapping on their gifts? Those extra touches are what makes a gift or a card that much more meaningful. In fact, if I receive a gift with a personalized tag or handmade card, I forget all about the gift inside!

So this for this holiday season, wow your family, friends, and colleagues with some Lowcountry-inspired handmade holiday cards and gift tags.

Below are the materials you’ll need:

  • Crab shaped paper punch (can be purchased at a large craft store such as Michael’s)
  • A role of 2 cm red ribbon
  • One sheet of red cardstock or scrapbook paper (can be bought individually), several sheets of brown cardstock or scrapbook paper, and several sheets of white or off-white cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • Hole punch
  • Double hole paper punch (punches out two small parallel rectangles with one punch)
  • Paper slicer to make sure your lines and sides of the cards are even
  • Rounded edge paper punch (also can be purchased at a large craft store such as Michael’s)

To create the card:

Step 1: Punch a crab out of the red paper. Place the crab cutout to the side (see below)

Charleston holidays

Step 2: Take your brown paper and cut into four equal size squares, using the paper slicer (see below)

diy cards

Step 3: Take one of your small brown squares and round all four of the edges, using the rounded edge paper punch (see below)

diy crafts

Step 4: Draw a 1 inch X 1 inch triangle on the red paper and cut the triangle out, using scissors (this is the base of your crab’s Santa hat)

Step 5: Take a sheet of your white paper and cut out a small rectangle to use as the white trimming on the bottom of the Santa hat

Step 6: Take your hole puncher and punch one hole out of the white paper. This will be used as the white ball that tops the Santa hat. Place your Santa hat materials and crab to the side

Step 7: Using the double hole paper punch, punch once into the top center region of the brown card. You should now see two rectangular shaped holes (see below)

craft ideas

Step 8: Cut an 8.5 inch long section of ribbon. Take the ribbon and pull each side through the backend of the holes in the card, pulling both sides out at the front of the card. Make sure both sides of the ribbon are even (see below)

charleston cards

Step 9: Tie a bow in the ribbon and cut edges to make them look even and clean (see below)


Step 10: Flip the brown card over to the back. Cut out a square of white paper (slightly smaller than the brown card) and round all four edges of the white paper, using the rounded paper punch.

Step 11: Glue the white piece of paper to the back of the card so that you can write your message in the white space (see below)

gift tags

Step 12: Place the crab in the center of the brown card and assemble the Santa hat above the crab on a slight angle. Then, glue each of the parts down, using a hot glue gun.

And voila! You have your very own, handmade Lowcountry holiday Christmas card!

charleston card

To create the gift tag:

**You are essentially creating the same thing as above, only using a small card. Therefore, follow all of the steps above, but make the brown card and white backing of the card smaller.

Once you have created the gift tag, simply take the hole puncher and punch out the upper left side of the card. Place a string through the whole and fasten to a wine bottle or present.

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