Exploring the Charming Character of Shem Creek

Exploring the Charming Character of Shem Creek

shem creek

Situated on Mount Pleasant’s Coleman Boulevard, Shem Creek is one of Charleston’s most famous locales. Practically plucked from a Nicholas Sparks novel, Shem Creek is not only romantic and enchanting, but it’s also a great place to grab a bite to eat, watch the sunset, take a walk, and even people watch!

Below are just a few ways to experience Shem Creek:

Take a stroll down the Shem Creek Park Boardwalk: The perfect way to spend your Saturday morning is walking along the Shem Creek Park Boardwalk. This 43-acre park is dog friendly and features a dock that’s 2,000 feet long (the only area where you can walk).

We took a recent trip to Shem Creek and captured some great photos of the park. Check them out below:

shem creek park


Some words of wisdom from Pete the Plastic Pelican

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Pete the Plastic Pelican

shem creek

Pete the Plastic Pelican, educating visitors about the dangers of plastic in our waterways

shem creek boardwalk

shem creek park

The boardwalk at Shem Creek Park!

shem creek

shem creek

A cloudy morning, but still beautiful!

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fiddler crabs

One thing the Shem Creek Park isn't short of are fiddler crabs! It's great fun watching these little guys at work.

Dine on the water as the sunsets: One of the best places to watch the sunset in Charleston, Shem Creek attracts visitors and locals from all over the Lowcountry to dine on the water and watch as the setting sun casts a majestic kaleidoscope of colors over the creek. In fact, this setting is so rich in color and beauty that many of Charleston’s famous artists have a collection of works that feature Shem Creek. I guarantee you if you walked into an art gallery in downtown Charleston, you would see a variety of artistic interpretations of the majestic Shem Creek.

Some of our favorite places to grab a drink or a bite to eat on Shem Creek include The Water’s Edge and Vickery’s. It’s important to note that fresh seafood comes in daily from the shrimp boats, so you’re sure to get the freshest seafood in the area!

Rent a kayak: One of the best ways to soak in the beauty of Shem Creek and get up close to some of the area’s wildlife is aboard a kayak. There are two rental places that you can use: Nature Adventures and Coastal Expeditions.

Nature Adventures offers daily kayak and canoe rentals, as well as guided hiking trips and paddleboard rentals. Coastal Expeditions offers Bulls Island Overnight Stays, kayak tours, and kayak rentals. No matter which company you choose, you are sure to see dolphin, pelicans, turtles, a wide variety of birds, and more.

Visit some hidden Shem Creek Gems: Off the beaten path, but still on Shem Creek are a few hidden gems that are well worth visiting. One of these gems is The Wreck—an excellent seafood joint! But don’t expect any frills here—the tables and chairs are plastic and there are peanut shells scattered about the floor (boiled peanuts are served up at each table before the entrees come out!). It’s a fun place with some great fried seafood and overlooks the water.

And for some fun gifts and stationary, stop at The Scratchpad—a charming store that sells stationary, gifts, and all sorts of trinkets.


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