South Carolina Home to the Best BBQ

South Carolina Home to the Best BBQ

BBQ SandwichIf there’s one thing South Carolinians are passionate about, it’s barbecue. You can start a fierce debate by simply asking people their favorite barbecue joint or which sauce tastes best on a big ‘ol plate of pulled pork.

Barbecue can trace its root back to the Spanish, who introduced the pig to the American Indians. Then the American Indians introduced the Spanish to the concept of slow cooking with smoke, according to the S.C. Barbeque Association. Back in the 1500s the pig joined with slow cooking and the barbecue everyone loves today was born.

Here are few other barbecue facts to keep in mind, according to the state Barbeque Association:

  • The term “barbecue” always refers to pork. You can certainly barbecue beef and other meats but those are “barbecued beef,” not simply “barbecue.”
  • There are four types of barbecue based on the sauce used in basting and as a finishing garnish: vinegar and pepper, mustard, light tomato, and heavy tomato.
  • Only South Carolina is home to all four sauces.
  • Mustard sauce is unique to South Carolina. It’s most popular in the middle of the state where German families settled in the 1700s and brought their mustard-lovin’ ways to their new home.

Get more information about all things barbecue and download the BBQ Trail Map from the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism’s dedicated barbecue website.

Home Team BBQNow that your mouth is watering, it’s time to eat up! The Charleston area is home to several delicious barbecue restaurants – each with a slightly different style and taste.

Charleston’s Home Team BBQ recently made Southern Living’s list of the “The South’s Top 50 Barbecue Joints.” The author writes, “The restaurant takes its cues from all over the South—tender pulled pork with Georgia-style red sauce, smoky chicken wings with Alabama white sauce. They even headed down to Texas to learn salt-and-pepper brisket, and I do declare that they’ve mastered it.”

Dine on Home Team BBQ during a Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise on Thursdays through November (and some select Fridays). Board The Carolina Queen for a tour around the Charleston harbor while enjoying a buffet from Home Team BBQ and live blues music by Shrimp City Slim.

(above photo at right by Paul Cheney)

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