The Birth of South Carolina: A Look at Charles Towne Landing

The Birth of South Carolina: A Look at Charles Towne Landing

Image to the left taken from the Friends of Charles Towne Landing Facebook page

Did you know that Charles Towne Landing, located just outside downtown Charleston and North Charleston, was where European Colonists first settled in the Carolinas? It’s true! Landing ashore in April 1670, the European colonists settled in this beautiful region of the Lowcountry—now considered an official South Carolina State Park.

During their time in Charles Towne Landing, the colonists cultivated a crop garden, which was used to grow food and materials, that included rice, indigo, cotton, and more. Thanks to the success of the colonists’ crops, plantations began to spring up all over the Lowcountry area.

In addition to a crop garden, colonists at Charles Towne Landing also set up defense walls. On one side of the area is water (where the colonists arrived from the Ashley River) called Albermarle Point. Here, they set up cannons that were directed toward the Ashley River where enemies could enter. To defend their territory from land threats, including Native Americans, the colonists set up a fence around their perimeter, using logs with sharpened tips (our version of metal fences with barbed wire atop). This fence is referred to as the Palisade Wall.

Today, visitors to this beautiful State Park have the opportunity to step back in time and relive a piece of South Carolina history through the Park’s various programs and attractions, including living history, reenactments, archaeology sites, the refurbished Adventure ship, and a beautiful Animal Forest. Guests can interact with rangers, dressed in 17th-century dress, and enjoy an audio tour along the history trail, or venture into the Visitors Center museum.  Visitors can also walk or bike along various gardens and the marsh.

One of the Park’s most acclaimed attractions is the Adventure, which is a replica of a 17th-century cargo ship. Another celebrated area of the Charles Towne Landing is the Animal Forest, which is a natural habitat zoo, home to a variety of animals that lived in South Carolina in 1670. Some of the mammals that can be found in the Animal Forest include black bears, bobcats, mountain lions, river otters, and bison!

The area is also praised by avid birders as it’s home to a variety of heron species, great egrets, wild turkeys, various species of vulture, white ibis, and more.

Image above of a room in the Visitors Center Museum taken from the Friends of Charles Towne Landing Facebook page

Image above of a black bear taken from the Friends of Charles Towne Landing Facebook page

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