The Calming Power of Charleston Harbor

The Calming Power of Charleston Harbor

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Image to the left of our Charleston sunset sail, photographed by one of our passengers, Margaret Bednar

One of the most celebrated elements about the Holy City is Charleston harbor.

Bursting with wildlife, both underwater and above, Charleston harbor offers visitors on a trip to Charleston the opportunity to witness coastal creatures such as the dolphin, pelican, and other marine wildlife.

But what’s arguably the most appealing characteristic of Charleston harbor is its calming energy. Whether you’re sitting on the Aquarium Wharf dock, a speed boat, or the Schooner Pride, you’ll undoubtedly feel a surge of tranquility produced by the harmony of the delicate swells, harbor breeze and aroma, and the sounds of the water and birdlife.

In fact, one of our recent Schooner Pride customers phrased his experience on the harbor quite perfectly:

“When we arrived at the dock, we were amazed at the size of the [Schooner Pride]. The photos in the brochure didn’t do it justice. The three masts reached far above the deck and there was enough canvas sail folded tightly along the booms to cover an end zone on a football field. Others began arriving at the dock and before long there were people waiting to board. The command was given to “Come Aboard;” we lined up, filed onto the deck, and each of us moved silently to the spot we had picked to sit while we were waiting ashore.

There was a quick safety talk, then the crew shoved off and we were underway. The captain motored the boat out from the shore and once there, the command was given to hoist the sails. Several of us, were allowed to assist the crew with setting the sails, and up they went to catch the winds and begin to push us along at a moderate clip. What captured my attention more than anything else was the silence.

Although there were 30 plus people aboard the schooner, the sounds of the world faded away and all you could hear was the swoosh of the water along the side of the boat and the occasional snap of the canvas in the wind. No conversation, no background noise that we are exposed to daily, just a stark silence and a beautiful view of the sun setting in the distance.

We were exposed to sites from the ocean back to land, a stark contrast to the norm, dolphins surfacing for a breath of fresh air and the occasional sea gull flying surveillance overhead. It was a truly peaceful, mind-clearing two hours. We all need time to sit quietly, removed from the “noise,” clear our minds of worldly things and just think. It reenergizes us, clears the paths for good, positive, life-changing thinking that adds value to each of us. It allows us to contemplate what the future holds and plan how we can tackle the obstacles and fortify the barriers to hold back the negatives in our lives.

I encourage you today, to find a “thinking” place, be still, sit awhile in silence, and just clear your mind and refresh your soul with all the wonderful things you have planned for your life. I recommend taking the Schooner Pride; this is the ultimate “thinking” place. Colossians 4:6”

So whether you need to clear your mind from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, are looking for a relaxing way to spend your weekend, or simply yearn to feel the tranquility of the ocean, a visit to Charleston harbor is a must.

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