The Top 5 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress in Charleston

The Top 5 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress in Charleston

charleston beachWhen we think of the holidays, we often conjure up thoughts of twinkling lights, festive wreaths, snow, bells, Christmas trees, and other visions that stimulate feelings of cheer and joy. But there are also some downsides to the holiday season, including crowded shopping malls, feelings of being rushed, budgeting more than usual (oh geez, I’m getting stressed already!), entertaining, and heavy traveling. No matter what stressors of the holidays affect you, it’s important to take a breather and relax as you rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul.

Below are some of our favorite ways to de-stress in Charleston:

Hit the beaches—not for sunbathing, but for reading, walking, or simply just for sitting. With no crowds and just a handful of people, the Charleston beaches during the holiday months are so peaceful. And since December days in Charleston are usually moderate in temperature (between 55 and 70 degrees), you don’t have to bundle up to the point of immobility. So grab a book, your dog, or some walking shoes, and hit up one of Charleston’s beaches (and don’t forget to send us pictures of your pup on the beach to to be featured on our blog, newsletter, and social media profiles!).

Hit or throw something! For some people, relieving stress can be achieved through throwing a ball or hitting a bag or golf ball. There are plenty of things to do in Charleston that involve hitting or throwing, such as bowling, golf (and the mini version), tennis, and bocce ball.

Our top picks for bowling spots in the Charleston area include Sparians in Mount Pleasant and The Alley in downtown Charleston, which recently opened! As for golf, there are a handful of fantastic courses, including Charleston National, Dunes West, Kiawah Island, Legend Oaks, Patriots Point, and more. And then of course, there’s mini golf, which we love to enjoy at Black Beard’s Cove in Mount Pleasant.

charleston bowling

As for tennis, there are a variety of public courts to choose from, but our favorites on are Sullivan’s Island! You can grab a bite to eat or drink after playing a round at one of Sullivan’s celebrated restaurants.

And don’t forget about bocce ball. This is a great game to play on the beach with friends or with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

Enjoy some wine therapy. With a handful of excellent wine bars, the Charleston area offers a retreat for individuals looking to get with friends over a glass of wine and simply relax. Click here for a list of some of our favorite Charleston wine bars.

charleston wine

Visit one of Charleston’s renowned spas for a little R&R. Picture this: Stepping off the busy downtown Charleston street, you enter a quiet sanctuary where the soft sands of gently moving water and the slight aroma of jasmine fill the air. You sit with a cup of hot tea before wrapping yourself in a warm blanket to receive a hot stone massage. As the massage comes to an end, you feel rejuvenated and ready for your next treatment, which is an invigorating facial . . .

This doesn’t just have to be a dream. Make it happen at one of the premier Charleston spas, including Urban Nirvana, Seeking Indigo, Spa at Charleston Place, and the Sanctuary Spa.

Get your “chi” on. Increase flexibility, strength, and mental clarity with 2 – 3 sessions of yoga per week. Not only will you get a workout into your routine, but you’ll also most likely feel less stressed. For many people, yoga teaches them to recognize daily stressors and move through them with the breath. If you haven’t done yoga before, give it try! You might find that your stress levels decrease and your mobility and strength increases.

charleston yoga

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