Top 5 Lowcountry Organizations We Are Most Grateful For

Top 5 Lowcountry Organizations We Are Most Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We hope you are able to share this day with friends and family, but know that many people of the Lowcountry and elsewhere in America are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving due to unfortunate circumstances. So we would like to spotlight some of the Lowcountry organizations that we are most grateful for in helping the people and animals of the Lowcountry in finding relief.

Here are our top 5 Lowcountry organizations we are most grateful for:

Lowcountry Food Bank: The Lowcountry Food Bank was established to help feed the poor and hungry individuals, living in the coastal countries of South Carolina. Through donations from individuals, volunteers, and wasted food products from food distributors, the government, and supermarkets, the Lowcountry Food Bank is able to assist those in need of nutritious food around the South Carolina coastal counties. The Food Bank also provides nutrition education seminars to help educate individuals about the importance of healthy eating.

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Image above taken from the Lowcountry Food Bank website.


Palmetto Medical Initiative: Palmetto Medical Initiative was established in order to provide quality and sustainable healthcare to individuals across the globe who are suffering from poverty, disabilities, diseases, and other negative situations. It is the mission of Palmetto Medical Initiative to provide impoverished communities with the tools they need to produce sustainable medical programs and organizations within their own communities.

Click here to learn how you can volunteer for these global medical initiatives.

Image to the left taken from the Charleston Animal Society website


Charleston Animal Society: As a non-profit that serves the animals of the greater Charleston area, the Charleston Animal Society provides a home for abandoned, sick, abused, and / or neglected animals, and operates primarily on philanthropic donations, volunteers, and gifts from individuals and businesses. And they never turn an animal away!

After rehabilitating the animals who come through their door, they are then ready for adoption! Find your new best friend and family member today. Visit the Charleston Animal Society today!

Darkness to Light: In an effort to prevent child sexual abuse, Darkness to Light works to educate parents and individuals on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness. Through public awareness and education, Darkness to Light strives to end child sexual abuse once and for all.

Click here to learn more about how you can lend a hand to Darkness to Light.  

American Red Cross Lowcountry Chapter: Helping any individual in need, the American Red Cross responds to disasters and military members in need, as well as provides blood to those in life-threatening situations. The American Red Cross Lowcountry Chapter provides assistance to the greater Charleston area. Through financial and blood donations, as well as volunteers, The American Red Cross can continue helping those in need around the Lowcountry.

Click here to learn more about getting involved with the American Red Cross Lowcountry Chapter.

 Please help those in need this holiday season. Support the Lowcountry’s powerful initiatives and organizations, and together, we can build a happier and healthier community in the Lowcountry!

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