Top 5 Places to Take Iconic Pictures of Charleston

Top 5 Places to Take Iconic Pictures of Charleston

christina soyden

Image above taken by Charleston Harbor Tour passenger, Christina Soyden

Most of the art, architecture, culture, and landscapes found in Charleston are unique to the Greater Lowcountry area.

So if you’re looking to capture some of the most iconic Charleston settings while on a trip to Charleston, here’s where you’ll want to go:

Charleston City Market: If you’re looking for one of Charleston’s most culturally rich scenes, then you’ll definitely want to swing by the Charleston City Market on Market St. in downtown Charleston. From intricate local art to vibrant-colored paintings of the Lowcountry, traditional sweetgrass baskets to Charleston gate jewelry, and Gullah spices and mixes to Lowcountry cook books, you’ll never find a dull setting in the Charleston City Market.

The Market is bustling all day everyday and is lined with vendors who are selling their local arts, crafts, and other trinkets. Photos taken in the Market are always filled with color, personality, and unique perspective. So even if you’re not the most fabulous photographer, you’re sure to get some fabulous shots!



Boone Hall Plantation: As America’s most photographed plantation, Boone Hall is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Charleston (and arguably the country!). As you enter the plantation, you travel down a dirt road that is lined with towering live oak trees, drizzled with Spanish moss. THIS is truly one of the most iconic settings in Charleston—it practically screams “Charleston.” You’ll also find spectacular gardens, a butterfly pavilion, and historic monuments that all make for fantastic photographs.

boone hall

The Battery: With Charleston harbor on one side, White Point Gardens on another, Rainbow row on the other, and breathtaking estates on another, you’ll have a field day with your camera at the Battery in downtown Charleston. When visiting the battery, make sure to snag some photographs of:

  • The Confederate Monument and cannons
  • Rainbow Row (take this shot on an angle to include Charleston harbor)
  • Sailboats on the harbor
  • Giant live oaks with the sun glistening between the branches
  • A passing by carriage tour

Patriot’s Point: Charleston has attracted visitors the world over to the iconic USS Yorktown, which is situated in the Patriot’s Point harbor. This massive ship, which was a significant aircraft carrier during World War II and Vietnam, is not only impressive in size, but it also houses fascinating aircrafts on its deck.

Some of the best photographs to take while at Patriot’s Point include shots of the USS Yorktown in all of its glory from the Patriot’s Point grassy area and photos of the Ravenel Bridge and Holy City skyline from the top deck of the USS Yorktown.


Charleston Harbor: No trip to Charleston would be complete without an epic shot of the impressive Ravenel Bridge. There are so many wonderful places to grab a shot of the bridge, but if you want some really diverse shots, hop aboard a Charleston harbor tour to get some crazy angles of this dynamic bridge. All of the Charleston Harbor Tours cruises pass along the Ravenel Bridge (most of the time we will also pass beneath the bridge, which offers some fantastic views), enabling you to take some really unique pictures of the bridge. And since we have a variety of tours throughout the day, the positioning of the sun offers even more depth to your pictures.

We especially love sunset cruises and the Blues & BBQ Cruise for taking pictures of the Ravenel. Both cruises go out as the sun is beginning to set, offering a super colorful sky as a backdrop to the dramatic Ravenel Bridge.


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