Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Charleston: Part III

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Charleston: Part III


If you missed Part I of this post, click here, and if you missed Part II of this post, click here. See below for the fifth reason why we love Charleston:

DINING & ACCOMMODATIONS. Featured in many major magazines, the restaurants, hotels, and cozy, historic inns of Charleston are among the best in America. There is truly a wide variety of American, ethnic, and local cuisine to choose from, so bring your appetite! During the busy season (April through September) it is probably wise to make a reservation in advance for two reasons: 1) This is the busy season, and 2) there may be a special event scheduled for the time you are visiting, making a reservation a little difficult at the last minute.

Almost every menu offers a different twist on shrimp and grits, so if you haven’t tasted this exquisite Lowcountry delight yet, you must when you visit! Many of Charleston’s seafood and steak restaurants have been written up for their fabulous food in major magazines. A lot of the restaurants use local, in-season produce, which is a wonderful way to support the local economy and use the freshest possible ingredients.

Great restaurants are not just found in downtown Charleston, though. They can be found all over the Charleston area. The price range generally runs from expensive to inexpensive, so there is something for everyone’s budget.

If you are staying downtown, grab a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry from one of the bakeries in the morning (or evening) and take a leisurely stroll along King Street or the battery. This time of year is perfect for daytime strolls since we haven’t yet hit the scorching hot summer months! Besides, there are lots of other things to do when it is hot such as a trip to the beach, a museum, the aquarium or a Charleston harbor cruise, as mentioned above!

Most accommodations, such as the historic inns and hotels, are situated around great restaurants, historic sites, museums, etc., making everything within walking distance. The question is, what to choose? There are so many fabulous places! If you like quaint inns, there are many top-notch places to pick in downtown Charleston. Don’t forget, though, they are not all within the downtown area. Some equally great inns, or Charleston bed & breakfasts, can be found just over the Ravenel Bridge in Mount Pleasant. Two wonderful inns in Mt. Pleasant are the Inn at I’On (a quaint little B&B), and in Old Mount Pleasant there is the Old Village Post House. If you prefer a hotel, there are a wide range of wonderful hotels to choose from, including luxurious and lavish, as well as laid back and casual.

Remember, this just highlights the “Top Five” reasons why you should visit Charleston. What’s your top reason for visiting Charleston? We’d love to hear your response in our comments section.

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