Top 6 Things to Do at Patriot’s Point

Top 6 Things to Do at Patriot’s Point


Whether you are a history buff, someone with a true sense of American pride, or perhaps visiting from a more distant land, and have the good fortune to be in the wonderful City of Charleston, you should not leave without a visit to Patriot’s Point. Located in Mount Pleasant, which is located right over the Ravenel Bridge, Patriot’s Point offers a wealth of American history, such as the fascinating aircraft carrier, The Yorktown, also known as “The Fighting Lady.”

There’s a great deal of fun things to do at Patriot’s Point, including the following:

1. Visit the USS Yorktown, used specifically during World War II. This huge aircraft carrier is a focal point in Charleston and is docked at the Patriot’s Point Navel and Maritime Museum. Dedicated to the bravest Americans who served this ship and our military, you cannot help but feel a strong sense of pride when you walk through this mighty vessel that is now a floating museum. Retrace the steps of Naval officers as you walk through the many chambers of the ship and view the different artifacts, plaques, and pictures that line the walls. On the upper flight deck (wheelchair accessible by elevator) and the lower deck, there are many aircrafts to see as well. And don’t forget to visit The National Medal of Honor Museum, located inside.
IMG_21322. Tour The Cold War Memorial, which stands as a lasting acknowledgement and tribute to the men and the families of those who served our attack submarines during the Cold War years. There are seven different stations with educational plaques that surround this replica of the size and shape of an actual submarine.



3. Play a round on the Patriot’s Point Golf Links, which is a beautiful public golf course located harbor side on Patriot’s Point. There is a “southern style” clubhouse, a grill and patio, as well as a lighted driving range. It is a beautiful course!


4. For the more adventurous, helicopter rides are available from Patriot’s Point where you can view the surrounding areas from a different perspective and is a perfect photo op! Tickets are sold at the US Yorktown ticket window. They can be reached at (843)  884-2727 for more information.


5. The Ballpark at Patriot’s Point is home to the College of Charleston Cougars, and located in a very scenic spot with the Ravenel Bridge in the background. Check their website for a complete list of home games and their starting times. A lot of fun for the whole family!

6. The Waterfront Park and Pier is actually located just under the base of the Ravenel Bridge and surrounds both sides of it. This brand new park is a beautiful place to spend the day. They have a visitor’s center, bicycle paths, and a fishing pier.

For more information about the sites listed above, check their websites for hours of operation, pricing, wheelchair accessibility, etc. As you can see, there are lots of fun things to do at Patriot’s Point.

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