Touring Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Touring Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Magnolia Plantation & GardensCharleston is home to some beautiful plantations, each with a distinct history, stunning gardens and house tours that provide a glimpse into how some of Charleston’s wealthy families lived.

A favorite is Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, where visitors can stroll the oldest unrestored gardens in America. Sections of the gardens are more than 325 years old. The gardens are one of the last large-scale romantic gardens in the United States – a garden style with roots in the industrial revolution in Europe and tied to the empowerment of the common man.

According to the Magnolia website, when the common man, “went to work in the factories, he wanted to design gardens that would help him forget the dreary life offered during the workday. A good definition of a romantic garden is an ‘extravagant liar.’ Romantic gardens are designed to take the viewer to a place where emotion takes precedent over reason.”

The gardens at Magnolia Plantation are filled with plants blooming at all seasons: azaleas in spring, the hydrangeas in summer, the camellias in fall and winter.

Or take a 30-minute guided tour of the Drayton family home. The core of the main house was built prior to the Revolutionary War near Summerville, S.C., and floated down the Ashley River to Magnolia after the Civil War. Ten rooms are open to the public, furnished with early-American antiques, porcelain, quilts and other Drayton family heirlooms.Magnolia Plantation House

Magnolia Plantation also offers a boat tour, nature train tour, Zoo & Nature Center plus a program on African-American history.

Adventure Sightseeing provides a Magnolia Plantation Tour with transportation from the Visitors Center in downtown Charleston to Magnolia. Gate fees are included in the price of this sightseeing tour.

Or do a Magnolia Plantation Tour & Historic City Tour, which includes the visit to Magnolia plus a 90-minute city tour through The Citadel military college, Rainbow Row, Charleston City Market and more.

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