Y’all Come Back Now: We’re Cruising Again!

Y’all Come Back Now: We’re Cruising Again!

We’re back and better than ever for 2016 after a short respite to let the harbor catch its breath.

Rejuvenated by warming temperatures and a new layer of history, Charleston’s beauty is on display again starting February 12th.

Whether you’re just aboard for a visit, booking a private event for your business or a planning something special for your wedding, join us for magic amidst the waves.

Read all about it here.

The Carolina Belle and Carolina Queen stand at your service. The Belle, sporting an observation deck and enclosed salons, accommodates up to 250 guests. For a party up to 400, climb aboard the Queen, Charleston’s only authentic riverboat with a paddle wheel and smokestack. The Queen offers three decks so your guests can enjoy the soft breezes and fabulous views.

If you’ve taken a harbor cruise, the Carolina Belle will look familiar. She’s our host for harbor tours, those narrated hour-and-a-half visits to Charleston’s history and beauty from a seaside perspective. You’ll see and learn about 75 area landmarks, from Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began, to the multi-million-dollar homes along The Battery.

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